Winter Wonders Scenic Reflections 4.0


Date Added:31 July, 2012



Winter Wonders is a free screensaver developed by Scenic Reflections. It features a slideshow of photographs with the most beautiful landscapes found in different locations of the world in winter time, with their snowed mountains and valleys, frozen lakes, pine forests and mirrored waters. Winter screensaver shows you a collection of about sixty photographs in high resolution and of really good quality. Your eyes will be delighted by the beauty of the photos. Besides, you will listen to nice and calm piano compositions that make the screensaver fully enjoyable, suitable for your moments of relax. The screensaver has many configurable options, like the image order and duration, its position, transition effects and screensaver behavior. In addition, if you want to listen to your own music, you can add your mp3, wma, wav or, midi files to a playlist and enjoy them when the screensaver starts to run. Winter Wonders is absolutely free to download and use, and is a good option for any screensavers collection.

Systems: Windows

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